Light as a feather, thin as a dime.

Call me Che :)


This blog is to motivate me towards my goal weight, I will post thin-spo, meal plans and other things to keep me on track :)

Binge free: 1 day


Hw:156.8 lbs
Lw:120.4 lbs
Sw:135 lbs
Cw:110 lbs (20/9/11)

Gw1: 130 lbs - completed
Gw1: 120 lbs - completed
Gw2: 116 lbs - completed
Gw3: 111 lbs - completed
Gw4:105 lbs
UGW: 100

I want to not have to worry about what I wear, I want to be able to wear shorts without worrying if my thighs look like there bulging out.I want to be able to sit down and still have a flat stomach. I want to not have to worry about when someone tries to pick me up but can't because im too heavy
I made myself this fat so I can make myself thin.

Post tips in my ask :P

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